MARIE 21 AND FLYING by David Denny

Reviews after The Belrose performance

"Hi David. Well, I'm still blown away by your play. Kept me entertained every second, and, of course, it was wonderful to see you perform again. I just didn't know you could act like that. I think this is a play that will grow in popularity. Everybody that sees it will be so happy they did, and will walk away with a big smile on their faces! You were spectacular." Kathi Mezirka

"wow david...
class..first class
u r a true star..
just wanted to's the best performance i've seen in 3 years!!
and i only liked one for two years prior to that...
and i've seen many a shows.." Linda Evans

"Thanks Dave, The monologue was quite good itself. Good
timing and told a funny story. The Acoustic
guitar works perfectly and I really liked the " LA
Freeway" melody. Also the way you incorporate your own
songs works very well. The Spanish tune works great
and very funny. Thanks for inviting
me." Jimbob

"I loved your performance. you are so talented David! Thanks very much." Cathleen Daly

"I'm so very PROUD of could I NOT!!
Can't believe you worked soo long & so hard on this..and you've finally done it!
Everyone loved it. Your voice is 100 times better than when you were younger. Congrats on everything" Susan Inman

"what's up!
your play was phenomenal
I was blown away hope to come to more soon." Mason D.